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Friday, August 7, 2015

HIV and Artists - The Daily Artists Log for 08-06-15

The new art equipment came that was purchased with the Visual AIDS grant money. Needless to say I was delighted to receive a big package filled to overflowing with art supplies!

One of the requirements of this grant is that you must submit photos within 6 months of what you created with the money. Once you do you are placed in a secondary grant program for an additional $1,000.

So of course I've given this a lot of thought. Because Visual AIDS is an organization set up to assist and promote HIV+ artists, it is natural that much of my thought is in how the art created relates back to HIV.

Since part of the grant was used for new airbrushing equipment, I've decided to design a series of iconic body sculptures of couples embracing with the identity of their status emblazoned upon their bodies.

My work with body sculpting (you'll notice I rarely refer to it as body painting) is something broader than just painting a body. Its about the paint, the iconography that is placed on the body, the poses and most importantly the photography and art created from those poses. Its sometimes hard for people to understand that when I create a body sculpture I am not doing it for the painting. I am doing it for the final imagery in my mind that will come when the raw photography is engaged in the digital studio and turned into something totally new. 

When completed, this images won't just be digital art. They won't just be a body painting. They won't just be a photograph. They will be a one of a kind piece of art that could not come into reality without all these factors playing a part. 

When you couple them with a subject as important as HIV, then you cast that art into the realm of activism also and this is satisfying to both the artist within me and the activist. 

There is not much important studio news above this. It has been something that I've been focusing on all day since the equipment arrived pretty much to the exclusion of all other work. 

Tomorrow will begin some serious work on testing out the new equipment and I plan to be full activated into creating this new work by next week. I will of course place work in progress photos on this site for those who would like to follow along. Feedback is always welcome!


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