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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Artist of the Day - Hows This Thing Work?

The Artist of the Day program was created to give added exposure to artists who exhibit artistry that has reached a level where other artists can learn from their work in the way of style, quality, uniqueness and other attributes.

Artist chosen almost always will have some sort of portfolio online because I feel this shows a dedication to have their work seen.

I try hard to choose an artist that doesn't get much exposure (at least from what I can see from their internet presence), because I think its important that we as artists support and promote those of us who don't yet have a dominant voice in the art world.

I also choose based on the amount of work the artist has created. An artist that has 5 or less pieces on display I will usually wait on until they have more available to see.

Lastly I choose an artist that inspires me personally and speaks to my heart as all art is subjective to the viewer. If I chose only artists that were vetted by the art community, then whats the point?

Traditionally I rely on my twitter feed to find each artist because out of all the sites and sources out there, I feel it provides me with the widest pool of artists to choose from and is most representative of so many of us that are just trying to say to the world "I'm out here. I create. I take joy in it".

The Artists of the Day is posted each evening on Twitter as well as receiving a special post on the immortalartist.com blog. We encourage others share or retweet the Artist of the Day and give these amazing people as much exposure possible!

All Artists of the Day are welcome and encouraged to also partake in the "The Artist Speaks" program. To find out more about it, check out the following link

Besides the daily Artist of the Day Tweet, I also Follow Friday the 7 artists from the previous week. A little more exposure never hurts.

Please be aware that the Artist of the Day is only chosen Monday - Friday do to scheduling conflict on the weekend.




  1. Thank you so much for including m in your selection. I feel quite complimented and honoured. And I greatly appreciate your efforts of support for us all! Thank you Grey :)

  2. Thank you for featuring my works! I appreciate very much and feel honored! I wish you a wonderful day of art! :D

  3. Thank you very much, it so nice to be recognised, especially by fellow artists. Art is to be seen and shared......artists supporting artists.....as a community we grow, in light we glow. PS: I like your art revolution mandate.....

  4. Thank you so much for the accolade! That's just the medicine I needed today! :-)

  5. Grey, A very special THANK YOU to you! I am pleased and honored to have been chosen for the Artist of The Day. Greatly appreciated!

  6. A great thank you, Grey, for having chosen me as artist of the day! I greatly appreciate this! I feel very honored!

  7. Thank you so much for this honor, Artist Of The Day !! I am honored. What a great thing, Grey!

  8. Thank you very much for choosing me as artist of the day. I appreciate it!