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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Revenant Legendarium - The Spirit Worlds of Artist Grey Cross

What is The Revenant Legendarium?

The physical universe is vast. It stretches beyond our mortal ability to comprehend. Even with modern day telescopes we cannot fathom just how massive it truly is. We are quick to dismiss anything that does not fit into our current model of our universe.

But there is so much more. 

When we pass, where do we go? Its obvious we no longer exist in the physical world. But what then? The spiritual universe is as vast as the physical but its rules are the antithesis of the physical world. Like matter and antimatter, the two shall never cross lest we destroy ourselves.

But the spiritual universe exists. We are immortal beings that exist for a time here and a time there.

But there is another universe. One of myth and legend that exists between the physical and the spiritual realms. One where transcendent beings exist that act as guardians over both the physical and spiritual realms. 

In the physical world we most often call these beings Faeries, the Fae of Celtic myth, but they have a thousand names in a thousand myths and religions. In the spiritual world they are most often called the Mu Artha or "the in between people". 

Whatever they are called, they exist in the universe between the physical and spiritual.

The Fae call this the Triade, the three universes.

The Fae believe that the three universes are connected through the roots of the World Tree which brought everything into being. When the roots of the World Tree die, so does the connections between three universes.   

There are currently seven Revenant Cycles. Each cycle tells the story of a different being within the Revenant Universe.  

Oberon the Mighty

The Guardian of the Natural Order

The Sixth Vision of the Revenant Cycle is the story of the Guardian of the Natural Order. He is a fae tasked with protecting the natural rhythms of the universe. Nature is the only true constant between one universe and the next. It is the glue that binds everything together through the roots of the world tree. If the natural order is disturbed then the guardians task is to set it back on the right course. (ARTISTS NOTE: The Sixth Revenant Cycle is currently in production. More work will be added to it as it is completed)

Piece #1 The Forbidden Land

The Guardians have a firm hold on the Triade universes. They protect the Natural Order from both physical and spiritual beings who would dare to alter it. Nature has a way of protecting her own and through the Guardians she does exactly that. Tamper with nature too much and she will destroy you.

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Piece #2 Keeper of the Wild Places

The Guardian of the Natural Order is rarely seen but always present. He does not restrict himself to one place but roams the wild natural places and crosses the borders between the physical and spiritual often. 

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Piece #3 Hung For Crimes Against Nature

For every violation of the natural order, the guardian is held personally accountable. In the end he is not only judge and jury but the criminal also because he is held responsible for all crimes man and spirit commits against nature

Piece #4 Arboreal Visionary

He who is at harmony with nature can see all things whether his eyes are open or shut, he still see's the turning of the seasons and the destruction of the natural order.

Piece #5 Watcher of Worlds

The Guardian silently watches. He is everywhere and everything and he knows all that effects nature. He sadly see's our own world tearing itself apart. 

Piece #6 The Matrix of Nature

There is a universal matrix that controls everything that occurs. The Matrix of Time, the Matrix of Order, the Matrix of Evolution and the Matrix of Nature are all interrelated and they are the secret to the abilities of the Fae. The Guardian of the Natural Order controls the Matrix of Nature. In the end we are all nothing but numbers in the grand scheme of the Triade

Piece #7 The Elusive Hand of Nature

We think we control nature, but nature controls us. Even in our settled lands with our cultured people, nature still plays a role and reaches out its hand. 

Piece #8 Playing With the Strings of Life

Do we even realize when the strings of life are being played? Or are we deaf to its sound? Its like a lute in the hands of the Guardian of the Natural Order. The music of the heavens is his to command and with it he tries to heal what we destroy. 

Piece #9 His Volcanic Rage

The Hand that heals is the hand that can call the fire lions. If you destroy nature, nature will destroy you. His rage comes from his pain and his tears become fire as he watches the natural order destroyed quicker than he can heal it. Fire cleanses and nature is reborn. 

Piece #10 This Sad and Lonely Guardian

In the end he is every planet, every star, every spirit in every universe. Oh sad and lonely guardian of the natural order. Preserve us from our own demise. 

The Guardian of the Revenant Archways

The guardian fae are the jealous protectors of the archways between universes. They control entry through the Guardian Scepter which each carries. There are two kinds of scepters. The tree scepter is a part of the living world tree that spans between each universe. The crystal scepter is part of the great crystal which the world tree rests upon. The Archway Guardians are judge, jury and executioner for those those who walk the path through his archways. They are quick to anger and quicker to destroy any being who desecrate the archways. 

Piece #1 Transcendency 

No being of power gains that power unless they transcend the limitations of who they were to become something altogether new. Even faerie creatures have limitations which must be overcome before they can become one with everything around them. 

Piece #2 This Gentle Warrior of the Spirit Realm

We cannot judge others with a hardened heart. There must be as much compassion in this guardian as there is hard cold logic. 

Piece #3 Blood Magic

This warriors blood courses through all he does and give him his power. With every act the blood is shed to protect the archways. As life flows out in a stream of blood, so it is replenished by the scepter he holds. The world tree sustains because the guardian is willing to sacrifice all that he is to protect every door between universes.

Piece #4 Tears of a Timeless Warrior

There is pain. In every judgement and every action. The tears of the guardian are magical. They contain within them everything that he is and everything that he will be. To be touched by the tears of the guardian is both a blessing and curse.

Piece #5 Executioner

He stands in judgement. If the executioners gaze touches you, you will know. Everything that you are will be gone the moment that gaze is upon you. 

Piece #6 Dreaming in a State of Grace

This is a being touched by the father and the mother of us all. When he sleeps he dwells beneath the bows of the World Tree where all is peace. There is no strife then. Only the gentle breeze of the universe stirring the leaves above.

Piece #7 Forces Beyond My Control

You have been given permission to cross from one universe to the next. Do you not realize that there is a cost even then that he pays for your safe transit between the universes? 

Piece #8 Deadly Theurgy

It is no small task to open the archways between one universe and the next. It is this that makes the guardian the most dangerous. If he loses control of that power he could destroy everything. If he does not use enough power he could destroy himself. 

Piece #9 Returning Home

At the end of his life the guardian wants nothing more than to return home and finally lay himself down beneath the bows of the Life Tree to spend eternity. The vision of the Amarathine Temple where he may cross over is always in his mind and his heart. Even this gentle warrior eventually must end.

Piece #10 Servant of Power, Servant of Light

In the end we are all servants to the powers we hold within us. We would like to think we are masters of our universes, but that is just a lie that all beings tell themselves.

A Spirit of Refusal 

In his mortal life he was always the pretty boy. Privilege, wealth, style and good looks were all he was about. His only loss was that of his beautiful wife Marie. When she passed he wanted nothing more than to follow her. But when his car sailed over the edge of the road one day and plummeted several hundred feet he had a few moments to realize he didn't really want to die. His last words were "no no no" and then the car hit the bottom and burst into flame. But even in death, he would not go. He had the chance to cross over to the spiritual universe but he stayed, becoming what the mortal world would call a ghost. 

Piece #1 A Black Rose to Mourn My Death

He followed his body to its ultimate burial in his family tomb. While he could no longer touch the physical world, his anger could change some things. The bright red roses angered him beyond belief. How dare they look so beautiful and alive. And with that thought  the roses faded until they became as black as death itself and the world faded to grey around him.

Piece #2 Staying Behind

He watched the others leave. Those who had done as he and stayed with their bodies until internment had no choice. It was time to leave this universe for the next. He felt the tug of his spirit to follow into the sky and vanish from the mortal plain, but he turned his back on the others. He would not go. He would find a way to become mortal again. 

Piece #3 An Abstract Death 

He dreamed an abstract dream of color. He was surprised he dreamed at all. But even in death the mind sought solace in the dreaming world. He saw his body, clinging to the colors of life. But when the dream left, the dreary faded world around him returned. 

Piece #4 My Sweet Marie

Perhaps he'd made a mistake. He stood before his sweet Marie's crypt and he tried to weep, but there were no more tears in this hollow shell of his spirit. She was over there now. He knew it. But with all the yearning in his heart, he realized he'd missed his chance. His refusal to go locked him to this mortal universe. Nothing but a lost spirit before that tomb that held nothing but bones and dust. 

Piece #5 Orbs

He walked the silent graveyard, watching others come and go. He tried to speak to them, but most fled quickly, ready to go on to the next universe. The door was locked. He could not follow now even if he wished and they who passed before him had no wish but to go as quickly as they could to their new home.

Piece #6 The Heart of My Homeland Lives in My Soul

He drifted then, leaving the tombs and crypts and ancient headstones behind. Like a leaf caught in a breeze he floated high above the world he had known and cried out for the places he had known but could never again be a part of.

Piece #7 This Terrible Loss

In the end he found himself back in that sad and terrible graveyard where the full moon shown down and lit the empty graves with silver tears. 

Piece #8 The Dead Pray Too

So he prayed to a god that did not exist to end the torment. The mortals could not see him. The spirits left without a word. Was there no one who could tell him what to do? Was he destined to remain forever in this monochrome universe? 

Piece #9 A Failure to Heed

And suddenly before him stood two great cats, spangled for a moment in pastel colors he could almost see but which faded to grey. "Your failure to heed the call has brought you here" said the first. "Your failure to open your spirit has caused you to remain" said the second. "Take me home" he pleaded. But they both stretched out before silently. He turned his back on them and missed the colors returning. With a silent growl he turned again and they were gone, leaving nothing but the faded world behind. 

A Spirit of the Lost Boy

A Spirit Pleading for Life

A Spirit of War and Peace

Background Information

The Revenant Cycle was created by Assimilation Artist Grey Cross. It is about the journeys of spirits between the physical and spiritual universes and what lies between those two universes. The art involved encompasses sculpture, paintings, body art and digital art.

Each of the Revenant Cycles is the story about one being who is either alive, in spirit or in faerie form. Each Cycle tells the specific tale of that being through the art created. The art itself is a combination of three types of art, body painting, photography and digital surrealism. Models are painted by the artist, photographed and then the images are crafted through the artists digital studio to create surreal pieces of art. The images in the six Revenant Cycles all use Transdisciplinary Surrealism (TDS).

What is Transdisciplinary Surrealism (TDS)?

Basically TDS is a method of combining multiple art techniques into surrealistic images. It differs from mixed media because it takes from disciplines not normally found in all art. TDS is the method by which I create the art for this series. It is a combination of body painting, photography and digital art merged together to form a single piece of art. A theme is chosen and models interviewed to fit that theme. The model is then brought in for a 3-5 hour session. The first part of the session is devoted to painting the model from head to toe to match the concept of the theme. The model is not painted to achieve an end result once the painting is complete. That is only part of the process. Once the model is painted then they go into an extensive controlled photo shoot which may include props and other pieces of art posed with the model. 300-500 photos are taken of the model. Those photos are then gone through carefully and a select few chosen. Those chosen then go into the artists digital studio where they are turned into the final piece of art. Any given photo may take anywhere from 2 hours to a week to complete. The average number of final pieces of art created is usually 10 pieces for every 500 photos taken. As the final work is being completed the artist is blending the individual pieces of art into a larger story thread that is played out over dozens of images. There are currently 50+ pieces in the series with another 50 planned for this year. From start to finish there are 100-150 hours per each set. The end result is a series of very surreal images that form a story. 


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