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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Immense Power of Imagination in Art

As I work with emerging artists, I often see amazingly talented artists who have skills that far surpass my own. In every way they have the potential to become great artists and masters of the craft. But they are lacking one key element to move them from artist to master. 


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Choosing Your Artist Name - Standing Out From the Crowd

One of the things that artists don't think about when they are beginning their professional careers is their name. I think this is because many of us think "to change my name means I am not being true to myself". I respect that line of reasoning. But It is important that we at least consider alternatives earlier in our careers rather than later.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

How Do We Make People Look? Name Recognition for Artists

One of the biggest questions emerging artists struggle with is how do we make people look at our work? What is the secret that some artists seem to find that makes people stop and actually look at their work. Is there a magical formula for it? My belief is that its simply word of mouth. The secret is in making word of mouth spread. 

I kind of see it in my mind like a set of scales. When we start out the scale is weighed completely against us. We are a completely unknown element. It does not matter how talented we are or aren't. The more people know about us as artists the more the scales start tipping in the opposite direction.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Using the @ not just the # (Twitter Science For Artists)

If you google the term "twitter tips" you will see in almost every article tips on using hashtags #. Hashtags increase your exposure, gain you a bigger viewing audience and allow you to zero in on a target area. 

What the experts don't talk about as much is the use of the other big symbol on twitter. The @ symbol. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Critiquing Art

I get asked to attend a lot of shows and to review a lot of portfolios from other artists. No review of work is complete if you are only telling the artist that their work is good or their work sucks. I like to look at a critical evaluation of a piece of art like the building of a wall. One brick doesn't make a building. Many bricks do. Saying "good" or "bad" is the equivalent of one brick. 

I also feel like I need to make sure I am applying the same set standards to each piece of work I look at and give it as objective a review as I can manage. I feel sometimes that art critics and gallery owners do not use as impartial a set of standards as they should. I've seen professionals in the art world apply very personal standards and biases and I think this hurts the art world. Because all art is subjective. Its all the eye of the beholder whether they like a piece or not. So professionals should hold themselves to a higher set of rules and guidelines.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Artists Challenge - Shadows of Perfection (UPDATED 1--05-16)

Artists Challenge
Shadows of Perfection

This challenge involves reducing your available light by 75% while creating a work of art. The only rule is that you don't bring the lights up till you've completed it. If it takes you several days, then cover it over or hide it before you bring the lights back up. This will teach you how much we rely on our eyes and give your other senses a chance to come forward and take charge.

All finished pieces will be shown on the Immortal Artist site. When completed email a photo of your piece and some brief thoughts on how you felt the challenge went and whether you learned anything about relying on other senses and not just your eyes to create art.

Emails to: gcsartno@aol.com

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wall Vision Art Galleries (ART IDEAS)

Art Ideas is a series of conceptual ideas for changing how we operate as artists and how the art world functions as a whole. All ideas are freely given and welcome to anyone who might be able to pursue them. The Revolution Begins With Beauty.

One of the problems that a gallery owner faces is that they get inundated with artists asking to be seen yet there are only so many days in the year and only so much wall space to utilize. If you consider the average gallery may do twelve shows a year that does not leave much leeway to host a large volume of artists.

There is a hell of a lot of work that goes into showing a new artist. A gallery must, out of necessity, show that artist for at least a months period of time if they wish to have the work seen and the buyers become interested.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mastering Symmetry in Art

One of the biggest problems I find that face people that want to become artists is symmetry. I spend a lot of time looking at other peoples art, evaluating it, discussing why one piece works while another one doesn't. And most often a bad piece of art is deemed bad not because the colors are off or the composition is unclear, but because it is no symmetric. 

There is a natural flow to a perfect piece of art. Lets look at the classic Mona Lisa.