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Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Work of Artist Marko Alabaster

Marko has an incredible grasp of color. There is something compelling about the scene and the color scheme used. There are some artists that just come by their talents naturally, while others take years of schooling to achieve the same. Marko is definitely one of those that comes by it naturally. 


More work by Marko Alabaster 

"Sasquatch Creek"

This painting was inspired by the incredible and varied Canadian landscape, mixed with a fascination in finally seeing a glimpse of the legendary Sasquatch.  A small group of scientists are within the picture, hiding behind the rock formation in the foreground.  They have well positioned apparatus, including cameras and audio devices, to see if they can force a sighting of this lurid beast.

Many possible sightings have been recorded here as dusk, when the Sasquatch, and other similar creatures have been seen using this creek for both bathing and fishing.

The main materials here are oils on pre-stretched canvas.  Most of the work is brush stroke using round brushes and also fan.  Some knife work has also been used.

This piece is not for sale. 

"The Diesel Dragon"

A fishing vessel goes for the midnight catch off the coast of Taiwan, taking advantage of the super moon. Famous in the area for being a previous carnival boat this "Diesel Dragon" has been turned from its delicate past into a "Frankenstein Monster" with its Twin Mercedes turbo powered engines, and gold embellishments. This is a real beast of the sea. “The Diesel Dragon” is professionally framed with a thick metallic, almost rust coloured frame.

This piece is still available for purchase
32" x 23" £500

To contact the artist, his email is:  Markoalabasterstudio@gmail.com 
Contact the artist via Twitter at: @MarkoAlabaster

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