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Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Utopia Cube

The Utopia Cube started out as an experiment. The purpose was to see how heated wax reacted to Styrofoam. I was not intending to turn it into a sculpture, but could see the potential as the experiment continued. Using a cube of Styrofoam, I applied metallic crayons using a soldering iron to melt and superheat the wax and let it drip onto the cube.. As it dripped, it created a lattice in places on the cube where it ate into the Styrofoam. The wax was then spread and the colors merged while at the same time causing the metal content in the crayon to rise to the surface in places.  Once all 6 sides of the cube had been completely covered the cube was mounted at an angle on an 11" plinth which was painted in a mottled metallic black that merged with the base of the cube. The whole sculpture was then sprayed with a heavy gloss polyurethane which hardened the cube and protects it from damage or chipping.  

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