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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Art Hiding in Plain Sight (UPDATED)

"Nightmares" is a prototype for a new series called "Words". Each piece will explore themes of our world using single words to project the main message of the piece. "Nightmares" uses articles taken from the New Orleans local newspaper regarding a murder/suicide had taken place about ten years ago. The boyfriend had murdered his girlfriend and dismembered her body, placing different body parts through the kitchen of the home. While cannibalism was never proven, some speculate that it may have occurred before the boyfriend killed himself. 

Of course, with any of my work, there is always a twist in the art. This piece is OCTAS (click the link for an explanation). 

And here is another twist. Each piece in this series will not remain in the studio. Sometime in the next week this piece of art will be placed somewhere in the metro New Orleans area. It will not be hidden under something, or in something, but be hung in plain sight for anyone to see. The first one who finds it, gets to keep it. There are no clues. I've not listed the size of the piece or given any indication of how large or small it might be. It is weather proof against the elements for at least 6 months. Once its placed, it will not be removed until its either found or it finally disintegrates due to the elements. 

Because the piece is a prototype and the very first in this concept, its value can and will exceed the value of other pieces. We value the piece at $500. For those who collect my work in the New Orleans area, its a gem. 

Other pieces will be placed around the city in the coming months. We will monitor the various locations of each piece and when a piece disappears we will assume its been found or its been destroyed. 

If you find it, you'll know what to do with it. Good luck! 

UPDATE 03-10-19: The piece is now in play. Nightmare has been placed somewhere in the city of New Orleans. It will remain there until it either eventually deteriorates (6-12 months) or someone finds it and either destroys it or removes it with care. Remember this piece is valued at $500. You will find the proper documentation with it. The only clue to its location is this photo. 

In a week or so the next piece "Reality" will be placed somewhere in the city. Check back for updates! 


This is a look at the work in progress for the second piece the WORDS series, "REALITY. 

The piece is about 70% complete. We will post more images when its complete.

UPDATE: 03-14-19

The first piece of art "NIGHTMARES" has been found! We don't know who found it, but we can tell it was taken down carefully. We'd love to hear from the new owner! 

The next piece will be placed sometime next week! 

UPDATE: 03-15-19

Here is an updated work in progress image of the REALITY piece. I am nearing completion on it. 

UPDATE: 03-17-19

Here is the final image of the REALITY street art. This will be hidden sometime next week somewhere in the New Orleans vicinity. Best of luck to the finder! We will post one photo as a clue once its been placed in the city.


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