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Friday, November 11, 2022

Owning Grey Cross - A Midsummers Night's Dream ($500)



Item Code 507 (email code to

PRICE $500

A Midsummers Night's Dream

Beauty I'd Always Missed (series)

So What is this? 

When you purchase a print, you are purchasing it along with a long list of others who liked this piece of art. When you purchase a one of a kind piece of art, such as a painting, a sculpture, or artisan craft, you and only you own that piece of art. There may be ones similar, but that one alone is yours as long as you wish to keep it. Now along comes NFT's. Oh this is better, you own the virtual version of the art. But what is it getting you? It's a symbol which may or may not gain value. A symbol of your faith in that artist's popularity. But what do you really have? A piece of paper you can sell later. You do not own the art. The artist owns it. They can make as many prints and copies as they wish and sell them at their leisure. This seems unfair to me and is one reason I've not gotten into NFT sales. 

So where is the middle ground among these choices when a lot of work exists now in digital version first? What's to stop me as an artist from printing as many as I wish and selling them? Simple. We take a page from the past and consider once again that each individual piece of art we create is unique and one of a kind. Once we sell it, it's gone. We write no special provisions to get away with various sizes, or quality or special factors. We say "you bought it, it's yours". 

So here is what I am doing. 

The art above has a listing price. You are not purchasing a print. You are purchasing possession of the actual piece of art. Once you do, it's yours. You can print it out, resell it, call it your own, brag  that you own it. You will receive a high resolution digital file containing the image, a certificate of authenticity with my signature and thumb print, and you will receive the ownership code showing that this piece of art has now registered you as a owner on the blockchain. 

You own it. It is no longer listed in the artist's inventory, nor can it be shown by the artist in any other form except as an example of the artist's work online. You can make prints, sell them at whatever price you wish. Keep it for yourself as a unique piece of art that you now own. Just like buying a painting, it's yours. Grey Cross Studios retains the right to show all images on its website with proper ownership of the piece credited. 

So how do I buy something?

This is not a shop. You'll not be purchasing through a store interface. There is a code with each piece of art. Use the code and provide your return email address and submit it to the artist at You'll be contacted as quickly as possible. Some pieces go more quickly than others. You will be asked how you would like to pay. Submitting payment via paypal or other online pay centers will result in the art being removed immediately from the site. If you don't pay, it is still openly available for purchase by another person.

Payment via check or money order will result in the art being placed on a temporary hold for 7 days. Once payment is received, the item will be removed from our site. However you pay, you will receive a receipt including the blockchain code of your payment. You will also receive the paper versions of the certificate of authenticity within 7 days of your purchase for your permanent records. Once it's gone, it's gone! The pieces on this page will rotate randomly. Once it's off the page it is no longer available for purchase and has either been sold or placed back in the artist's inventory. 

You can submit any questions to

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