Legends of the Abbey at Skye

Legends of the Abbey at Skye is a tale told in art. Each piece tells a story which it is up to the viewer to interpret in their own ways. The artist calls this "Deep Storytelling" because a single piece may have multiple stories hidden within it. 

The Abbey itself is a sculpture of a 12th Century Scottish Abbey on the island of Skye. The sculpture is created in a way that allows the artist to change elements easily and adapt the model to look like its aging. The original sculpture took approximately 200 hours to construct and is 5" x 4". Once created each individual piece in the series takes another 25-40 hours to create and is a combination of sculpture, photography and digital art. The sculpture as well as most of the elements that are added to each piece are photographed first in total darkness, using phosphorescent paint. This gives each piece a subtle haunting feeling that can't be achieved easily in total light. 

Phosphorescent Base Image
After the first image is cast, then two additional images are photographed using different levels of light. In some cases the three images are merged to create some of the effects. This photographic process is used for many of the artists series. You can view more information about this process at the artists Patreon Blog Hidden Meanings at the following links:

The last piece in the series "The Grand Conjunction" was created as a massive piece of art that is over 40 Megabytes in size. It is a story unto itself. Because of its nature, it can also be viewed from an Interactive Website that will allow the viewer to enlarge individual details of the art. 

This is a continuing series. As the artist develops new ideas, the model is re-staged and a new piece is added to the series. 

Ultimately the goal of this and other series is to let the viewer tell the tale based on nothing but the image and the title of the piece. The rest is left purely to the imagination of the viewer. 

The individual pieces are not in any set order. If there is an order, its up to the viewer to decide. 

So what do you see?

Welcome to the Abbey at Skye
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