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The Precession Project - The Dance of the Winds of Time

What is the Precession Project?

The Precession Project is about the movement of time and the evolution and devolution of the world and humanity.

The name "Precession" was chosen by the artist because  its the term used to describe the course of the stars as they move across the sky over long periods time. Precession represents the slow arc of time for the artist and not just an astronomical term.

Precession uses sculpture to tell a tale of creation and slow destruction. Each sculpture is created and then slowly devolved by the artist over time, photographed and documented at each step, the photos are then merged into a time lapse which shows all the steps up to its inevitable destruction. Hidden messages, symbols and ideas are often incorporated into each piece so that the viewer looks closely at the process. 

Lights and equipment are locked into place during the duration of each piece so that each photo is in the same position throughout the sequence. 

Precession had several test pieces created to establish the best way to create the sculpture and allow for their eventual degradation. Materials were tested and a process established Here is an example of one of the test pieces.

Precession I - Fertile Ground

"Fertile Ground" will be composed of a composite of over 500 photos that show the evolution and devolution process in three stages. The first stage involves the evol/devol of a human head. There 104 images that compose the first stage. You can view the very first test of the timelapse here:

The photos are raw images at this stage. The next step will be to turn each photo into its own individual piece of art and then to put the timelapse together with those final pieces before moving on to the second stage which takes place where the first stage left off with nothing but the debris pile remaining. 

If I seem cryptic about the details its because I want to work out the transition first before revealing how it will be set up. Check back later for updates.

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