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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Call of the Wild (Series in Development - Updated 06/22)

 Call of the Wild is a series created around Pup Culture. For those who don't know about Pup Culture, its a collision of the furry culture and the leather culture, where Pups wear hoods resembling canines. The furries were primarily a youth oriented movement seen more in kids under 18 (although there are exceptions), where leather culture is more of an adult movement, found in the 30s - 60s gay population (again there are exceptions). Somewhere in between, the LGBTQ Pup Culture emerged to become a dominant movement of those in the 20's to early 30's. It incorporates much of the fantastical nature of the furries, while adding to it a distinctive taste of the adult gay sexual freedom found in the leather community.  

My interest in Pup Culture came when several Pups became models of mine. The completely novel and surreal nature of the Pups instantly caught my attention. For a Master Surrealist the opportunity to create a series that could surpass the base surrealism of the movement and turn it into surrealism on crack was too much for me to pass up. 

I admit I struggled with the concept for awhile. How could the nature of the Pups be expressed in something other than what it was? How could it become a series that would fascinate those outside of Pup Culture. This is much the same question I faced years ago where it came to creating a series based around Mardi Gras. How could something so surreal be surpassed? After a lot of soul searching, I decided that it must be a merging of abstract art with surrealism. And once I determined that the series began to flourish. 

I feel a need to note that I do not feel a need to title each of these pieces. Instead I've divided them into the various Pups who have posed for the series. With that said, here is the first set in the series:

The Xerxes Abstracts

The Zeke Abstracts

The Tracer Abstracts

The Teque Abstracts

The Amber Abstracts

The Nub Abstracts

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