Monday, June 21, 2021

The Chaos Sessions (The Complete Series)

The Chaos Sessions are a study in the art of Structural Chaos. It is the exploration of both geometry and abstraction within the same piece of art.

Using abstract body painting, the projects attempts to turn the human form into an abstract piece of art which is in harmony with the surrounding geometry. The model sinks into the overall art piece until he is no longer a body standing in front of the art, but part of the art itself. The geometry of the background also expands to the foreground using a geometric web of ropes crisscrossing the background and the model. 

Not only does the project explore Structural Chaos, but it explores the basic assumption that no piece of art is ever truly finished (Metatranscience). The surrounding geometric background changes constantly during the body painting. These changes take place repeatedly with each subsequent body painting forcing a constant evolution into new art every time a model is introduced into the matrix of the painting. 

There are 6 sessions in the first phase of the project. 

To view the full piece of art click the image.




Session #4

Session #5

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