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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Muse - Sculpture

The Muse is probably the most unusual sculpture I've ever created. She was formed from a root ball. For those unfamiliar, a root ball is the tangle of roots that form underground at the base of a tree. In this case the tree had just been uprooted within one of New Orleans many cemeteries. The tree had been lopped off and the root ball was left nearby. Her headpiece was made from a piece of bark from the same tree with a sprig of green moss behind it. Spanish moss was used to create the pieces to either side of her head. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Perplexing Puzzle of Enlarging Perspectives

One of my biggest problems with my digital art, is that I create it to be a lot larger than what you see on your computer or cell phone or Ipad. Its always been a constant frustration to me that we as artists are limited by the size of our screens. 

When I began creating highly detailed art that was a combination of photography, body painted models, scaled down architectural pieces, assimilation art and finally digital imaging. It was always with the intention that if the art were ever in gallery, it would be reproduced in a print that would be no smaller than 8 feet in diameter. But face it, in today's connected world you are often going to see art online long before you will see it in gallery. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Data Driven Relationships (DDR) - Information within the Creative Process

No matter what you do in life, whether you are in the scientific field, a business person or in a creative area such as art or music, in the end you are all traders in one commodity. Information.

Take for example a musician and a mathematician. You would think that what a musician creates is about as far away from what a mathematician specializes in as one could get. But when you break down the end results they are both producing data in their own way. One may be producing break through's in physics, while the other is producing a song, but when you bring it down to its basic form, both are just different forms of information.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

When Art Kills

There has been a recent spate of killer art on the prowl. Sculptures that step menacingly into the paths of unsuspecting passerby's, leaving contusions, broken bones and concussions in its wake.

Sounds like science fiction but in reality, people keep walking into sculptures because they are not watching what they are doing and end up causing themselves harm.

The solution? Don't wise up people. Let us move that nasty piece of art to a place where you can't bump into it while gazing adoringly at your cell phone.