Bartering For Services

Grey Cross Studios believes that bartering for services can be a rewarding and unusual way to pay for services. The problem comes because people are unsure what others may consider valuable. Always keep one thing in mind with bartering items. The odder and more unusual the items, the more value they have to us. Keeping a regular inventory of the bizarre helps us create ever more interesting art. 

So here is a list that we keep current of some of the items that have real importance to our studio. There are two lists, the first is general supplies, the second is specific items the studio currently needs.

General Items

  • Any art supplies (paints, canvas, old frames, etc)
  • Household supplies (papertowel, cleaning supplies, etc)
  • Wood (2x4's, plywood, etc)
  • Printer Supplies (ink, paper, etc)
  • Books about or on Art related subjects
  • Misc books of any subject (we have a free library that always needs stock)
  • Knick knacks (sculptures, figurines, etc)
  • Spray Paint any color (especially black spray paint or RustOleum Glow in the Dark Max Spray Paint)
  • Ceramic Tile (any size)
  • Lighting of any kind (pole lights spots, bulbs)
  • Cat food (we feed about 15 neighborhood cats who are the pride of the studio)
  • Any food items for human consumption (starving artists have to eat too!)

Specific Items

  • A window air conditioner
  • Computer Hard Drive any gigs

When in doubt, feel free to ask if its something we can use. We'll let you know! 

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