The Pandemic Archive - Freelance Artist Matrim Tait


An ink wash attempting to convey my emotions during the pandemic. Quarantine is... strange. There are times that I feel acute rage and despair, or conversely fairly centred and calm. Most of the time I feel lost in a fog, unable to think, dissociative and overwhelmed. This is the best way I can express it.


This digital painting was an exploration into my feelings of fear, anger and despair about the events of the year so far, including the bushfires, climate change, politics, the threat of war; and culminating in the Covid-19 global pandemic. Being isolated and immune compromised has caused me to feel a lot of uncertainty, but I have tried to channel that into creative projects. I hope there is a better future on the other side of this crisis.

Matrim Tait is a freelance artist from the UK. He enjoys using ink wash as well as digital techniques, and likes to depict fantasy and horror themes. Character portraits and creature designs are particular passions of his, as they intersect with his other hobby of playing role playing games. He's available for commissions and can be found on facebook, twitter and email.

Twitter: @mtaitart

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