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VISITORS: Tours of the studio are always available. Text or message if you'd like to see what was LITERALLY created from the ashes of Hurricane Ida.

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Grey Cross Studios
1920 4th St, New Orleans , LA 70113
Send text messages to 504-874-2908, Instagram @GreyCrossStudios, Facebook Grey Anatoli Cross, Threads @greycrossstudios

(BTC) Constructing Man (Grey Cross)

BTC Stands for "Behind the Curtain". Its a look at work created by various artists, photographers and creators around the world. 
Its a small peak behind the curtain as to how the piece was created and the conceptual ideas behind it. 

All art comes with a story. 

Sometimes we find art when we least expect it.

One night as I was nearing the end of my evening in the studio, I found a remarkable sight. I'd left two of the head sculptures I'd been creating on my work table to be completed later. One of the heads had an under-layer of phosphorescent paint on it which had been painted over. Some of it was still peaking out through the paint but with the lights on, I hadn't noticed it. 

In fact I hadn't noticed that the phosphorescent paint was all over the place.

As I was leaving the studio I shut the my bright lights down and the scene above emerged, lit all in a bright phosphorescent glow. 

It was so surreal that it actually made me gasp. A lot of nights I would leave lights on in the studio at the end of the night. But for some reason I shut everything off this night. If I hadn't, I would not have even noticed this. 

I think my love for using glow in the dark paints began at this point. I've found a lot of uses for them over the years, but this, was the most amazing thing I think I've ever done, and it wasn't even intentional. 

I scrambled for my camera in the dark and caught the image above before the magic I was seeing faded from view. 

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