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(BTC) No Hope (Grey Cross)

Before the Coronavirus Pandemic wiped the rest of the world from our minds, there were atrocities being committed by the United States government against immigrants. Every once in awhile the news would get a chance to see inside the camps and holding cells of those being held. 

In this image, Vice President Trump was visiting a border concentration camp with thousands of immigrants packed in behind a fence while he strutted around like a Peacock praising the humanity of the facility and its diligent concentration camp guards. 

At one point the camera filming Pence panned around to look at those being held behind a security fence and caught the image above. 

The horror encapsulated in this one quick image of this man said everything about the hopelessness of his situation. I've often wondered in the time since this image was captured whether this man was still locked up or sent back to his home country or is he perhaps dead from the Coronavirus that is sweeping through our penal system. I suppose we'll never know, but I am glad I found him and kept his spirit alive through this one image.

The original video of Pence's visit only lasted about 4 minutes, but I slowed it down so I could see everything that those watching the quick pan missed. Amazing what we see when we slow down the world and look closely. 

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