#RevolutionBeauty - A Resource for Art Activism

What is #RevolutionBeauty?

#RevolutionBeauty began as a counterpoint to the increasing proliferation of angry, ugly extremism in the world. 

It is a resource for all art activists, including writers artists, musicians and any other person or group which works through the creative process to express their views regarding extremism in the United States and beyond its borders.

We encourage creatives from every discipline to do three things:

  1. Submit any work involving art activism to this site
  2. Use the hashtag #RevolutionBeauty on anything that involves Art Activism
  3. Forward the URL for this page to as many places as possible so that the work on it gets seen by as many people as possible.

Furthermore we suggest that similar sites be created by others around the world and your work cross posted to as many as possible. 

To submit any work to this site, please send it to: revolutionbeauty1@gmail.com

Please include any photos, text, information, etc that you want included as well as if you want your name or contact information included or excluded. All credit will be given the creator unless otherwise specified. We will also accept blog and web articles as long as they are written by you, or links if you feel someones work should be linked to the site.

You will receive a confirmation back usually within 24 hours if your work met our criteria and was included on the site. We reserve the right to decline work that we feel does not represent the concept of the site. 

Please remember that this is a work in progress and may change over time as the needs for art activism change and adapt to the current situation. Please send any questions to the above email. Comments can be made directly on this page at the bottom. 

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The Work of Art Activist Gianluca Costantini

"Let Them Eat Cake" by Artist Jan Crooker 

Marie Antoinette displayed  great insensitivity to the French people when told of her people lacking bread she reportedly said "Let Them Eat Cake" I feel trump has displayed this kind of insensitivity. My painting features an inaugural issue of the Washingtonian portraying trump alongside white lilies, French macaroons and cakes. Sadly, if we do not remember history we will repeat it.

Jan Crooker's work can be seen at: Jan Crooker - Artists of Color & Light

The Graffiti Art of Visual Artist Grey Cross


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