Drifting Towards the Gulf Sculpture Series

Drifting Towards the Gulf is a body of sculpture work created by Assimilation Artist Grey Cross. Each piece in the collection uses driftwood found by the artist from the Mississippi River. The diversity of the shapes and sizes of driftwood as a component for sculpture captured Grey’s attention and imagination and he went to work after some brief experimentation developing this unique body of thirty sculptures.

Each sculpture includes a certificate of authenticity signed, dated and fingerprinted by the artist. 

IMPORTANT! All prices listed do not include shipping and handling. All sculptures require special shipping to guarantee the art arrives undamaged to the buyer. Please consult with the studio for shipping on each item before purchasing. 

#1 The Faerie Pagoda
Price: $300 +S/H
Description: Legend has it that it was within the faerie pagoda that Oberon, king of the faeries, danced his first dance with Titania on the night of the full moon. When the moon’s light fell upon the dancers, the tree above caught the light and remained forever after cast in the gentle shimmer of moon-glow.
Size: 20” x 12” 9”

#2 Oberon’s Temple
Price: $400 +S/H
Description: In the deep lands of faerie lay Oberon's Fortress, buried in the snows of the north. From here the faerie king’s armies come forth to do battle with creatures from the spirit world. Its massive towers rise like great icicles from the winter north.
Size: 34” x 24” x 12”

#3 Nosferatu the Ghost Ship
Price: $700 + S/H
Description: Deep in the depths of the ocean lie the remains of Nosferatu, a huge cargo ship lying lost and alone between great coral standing stones. Her ghosts dance around her in the murky depths.
Size: 12” x 24” 12”

#4 The Straits of Mephistopheles
Price: $700 + S/H
Description: Mephistopheles cares for no one. These great frozen shards of rock guard a narrow pass well known for its hunger. Here a great schooner lies wrecked and abandoned on the rocks. Her cargo spills out negligently beneath the waves and her tattered sails flutter forlornly in the icy wind.
Size: 19” x 24” x 12”

#5 The Tomb of the Aztec King
Price: $700 + S/H
Description: Buried deep in the South American jungles is the tomb of the Aztec King. Guarded by a magnificent godlike statue this tomb lies empty, long since gutted by tomb robbers and left to disappear beneath the jungle’s canopy until it is lost forever.
Size: 21” x 14” x 10”

#6 Bedlam
Price: $1,000 + S/H
Description: Bedlam. Is she a great city of the future or an ancient relic from some past civilization or just an abstraction of the mind? You decide.
Size: 60” x 20” x 20”

#8 Boudicca’s Last Rest
Price: $800 + S/H
Description: Warrior Queen Boudicca given last rest by the Druids of her sacred land. She sits in peace despite her many losses, a slight smile on her face and her head held high. The true queen of the Celts.
Size: 31” x 12” x 12”

#9 The Eternal Flame
Price: SOLD
Description: Representing the flame of creativity that burns within us all. This fragile piece of driftwood is a symbol of the fragile nature of the creative mind and its ability to light the world.
Size: 26” x 12” x 9”

#11 The Darkway
Price: $200 + S/H
Description: The Darkway is the one of the darkest paths that lead from the spiritual world to the physical world. It traverses places that are truly visions of hell. But if the spirits can maintain themselves, it eventually leads to the light and to a return to the world in which we exist.
Size: 9” x 12” x 6.5”

#12 Solitude
Price: $1,200 + S/H
Description: Who is this frozen man who tries in vain to hold up the world around him?
Size:18” x 24” x 12”

#13 The Spire
Price: $1,300 + S/H
Description: We traverse great heights in our life. Every path we take is fraught with beauty and daring falls into the clouds. Are we strong enough to climb the spire? And what will we find when we reach the top?
Size: 56” x 20” x 20”

#14 A Child of God
Price: $2,200 + S/H
Description: Legend has it that each faerie is created from the fallen branches of the godlike World Tree. When the branch falls, the faerie grows as an extension of that branch. The branch functions somewhat like a cocoon until the faerie is both physically and spiritually ready to emerge into the universe. They can truly be said to be children of god.
Size: 65” x 17”x 19”

#18 Stonehenge
Price: $75 + S/H
Description: Some gateways between worlds are faerie circles woven of intricate magic. The one crossing between worlds must know the right way to enter the circle of stones in order to cross over. The great standing stones are protectors between the border of the physical and faerie worlds.
Size: 6” x 6” x 11”

#20 Sinaguan Refuge
Price: $250 + S/H
Description: The cave dwellings of the Sinaguan Indians are known to rest in sacred caves and cliffs on the southwest. Here a community lives, works and cares for each other with love while safe within the confines of this Cliffside dwelling.
Size: 14” x 12” 9”

#21 Sunset on the Last Day
Price: SOLD
Description: Perhaps it’s the last day of summer on a lonely beach, or perhaps it’s the last day of the world with one final sunset casting its light on this great stone standing tall in the midst of a gentle ocean.
Size: 12” x 12” x 9”

#22 The Blood Tree
Price: $75 + S/H
Description: The roots of the World Tree rise in many places. The Blood Tree is a wood mage Faerie who has dedicated their life to the World Tree. Rather than just inhabit the roots of the World Tree, they become part of that root, forever encasing their spirits within the World Tree.
Size: 6” x 6” x 15”

#23 The Great Standing Stone
Price: $500 + S/H
Description: The Great Standing Stone sits in two worlds. It magnificently adorns the central hall of Oberon’s Fortress where creatures pass into both the physical and spirit worlds through its gateway. In the physical world it sits as a great lonely stone standing vigil in the wastes of northern Scotland.
Size: 31” x 13” x 13”

#24 The Spirit Doorway
Price: $150 + S/H
Description:  These tiny doorways are placed on an interior or exterior wall of a home or business to allow spirits trapped in this world the ability to cross over. They are both good luck and protection from evil spirits through the powers of the guardian faerie.
Size: 13” x 8” x 4”

#25 The Passing Place
Price: $200 + S/H
Description: Do you dare enter here? Where will this rune-inscribed door take you when you pass through it? Will you return to your own life if you cross this faerie circle of ancient standing stones? Or will you be forever lost?
Size: 17” x 13” x 13”

#27 The Hurst Tomb (Prototype)
Price: $250 + S/H
Description: The Hurst Tomb takes elements of the artist’s previous Tomb series and merges them with the current driftwood series. This piece also uses sanctified New Orleans cemetery dirt in its construction. The Hurst Tomb is truly a treasure and a prototype for future work.
Size: 11” x 12” x 9”

#28 The Time of the Winds
Price: $800 + S/H
Description: 7AM the time the winds when Hurricane Katrina touched the coast of the U.S. and our world changed forever.
Size: 18” x 18” x 18”

#29 An Easter Story
Price: $500 + S/H
Description: (PENDING)
Size: 13” x 13” x 44”

#30 The Lady of Shalott
Price: $650 + S/H
Description: Based on the Arthurian tale of Lady Elaine, this faerie tale vision of the Lady gives a haunting perspective to the ancient epic story of the Lady of Shalott.

Size: 16” x 16” x 20”

Drifting Towards the Gulf Series
#31 Hymn of the Rainbow Cathedral
Price: $850 + S/H
Size: 12"W x 25"H
Materials: Mississippi River Driftwood/Wax/Natural Clay/Foaming Glue/

Description: The piece is memorial to AIDS victims. The color was applied using wax melted and spread across the surface of the driftwood and sealed with polyurethane. A very light layer of acrylic pearlescent was used to create a depth and glow to the piece. It is the 31st piece in the artists Drifting Towards the Gulf Series.

Drifting Towards the Gulf Series
#32 The High King
Price: $850 + S/H
Size: 12"W x 6"D x 14"H
Materials: Mississippi River Driftwood/Natural Clay/Foaming Glue/

Description: The High King is a Druid ceremony honoring an Irish King. The Spirit of Death and the Spirit of the Trees watches over the bier of the king to help his passage from the mortal world.  It is the 32nd piece in the artists Drifting Towards the Gulf Series.

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