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Third Vision of the Revenant Cycle

"The Damned One"

The Revenants Curse

Of spirits mighty, dark and sad
Of loss and anguish, driven mad

The soul is lost between two worlds
The vortex spins and blithely whirls

Trapping us on either side
Leaving us no place to hide

The Revenant Cycles are the visual tales of the Revenant Archways. The Archways are one of the few crossing points between our plain of existence and the next. Spirits in a thousand different forms desire to cross back to our world. The Archways are guarded by faerie like creatures who exist in both our world and the next. 

The symbols on some of the Revenants are the language of the guardians of the Archways. Without them as protection upon the spirits form they can be lost in an even worse place during the crossing. 

The symbols also work in the other direction. Humans using the symbols in the right order can use them to cross over to the other side, but if they lose their markings they can also be lost on the other side or lost coming through the Archways. 

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