Graffiti on a Cathedral Window (Baseboard Explanation)

I was asked what the strange strip of board across the bottom of the canvas is for since it does not seem to be keeping the canvas taunt. 

Its important to keep it in mind that the canvas is not cured in any way. I am working with completely raw canvas which is attached securely at the top only. With a canvas this big, a simple base board to weight it down is not enough. The board is positioned at an angle so that I can apply foot pressure when I need a part of the canvas stretched tighter while work on it. 

By using my foot on the angled board I can stretch any given part of the canvas as long as pressure is applied. If it was simply there to add weight, then it would have to be much heavier to get the kind of tightness to the canvas weave that I sometimes need. This is my simple solution to working on uncured canvas effectively. 

If it was stretched first and attached to a frame, it would probably be far easier to work with, but it would also require that I had enough studio space to put up a huge table to place the frame on. This way I can take advantage of the whole wall and leave space open for other things. 

Later I will remove that baseboard completely and cut the canvas down and build a frame for it, but not for quite sometime. 

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