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MODELS: The studio is actively looking for male models to volunteer for the autumn 2023 season.

VISITORS: Tours of the studio are always available. Text or message if you'd like to see what was LITERALLY created from the ashes of Hurricane Ida.

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Hurricane Gustav Series Photo #11 , 12 & 13 Carriageways

The hotel I was working for at the time was located in a series of three old mansions with deluxe suites in each. The main building had an old carriage way with big doors that stood open during the day and closed at night unless you had a key.

Here you see the doors partially open and the light from one of the camera crews piercing the darkness. There were multiple camera crews beyond that door all broadcasting conditions and the peril of the Big Easy. You can see the cables and lights along the front of the hotel. They would broadcast even in the rain. In fact I think they liked it more that way. It looked more dangerous! 

We eventually had to post a guard at the door. There was no way to keep them shut with so many people bustling about. The roar of the wind through the carriage way was not the most pleasant sound. 

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