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MODELS: The studio is actively looking for male models to volunteer for the autumn 2023 season.

VISITORS: Tours of the studio are always available. Text or message if you'd like to see what was LITERALLY created from the ashes of Hurricane Ida.

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Hurricane Gustav Series Photo #20 & 21 The Wind on the River

The Mississippi River can be a violent mistress when she wishes. These were taken early in the morning. You can see how the waters are already rising. It would get much worse.

See the ships in the distance in the second photo? Those were massive navy ships which had been docked next to each other for decades near the now closed Naval Support center at the far end of the Bywater. This facility and those ships were still active before and during Katrina. The ships functioned as a base of operations for emergency support immediately after the storm. The support center is long abandoned now in 2020, but those two ships are still out there. Reminders I suppose. 

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