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MODELS: The studio is actively looking for male models to volunteer for the autumn 2023 season.

VISITORS: Tours of the studio are always available. Text or message if you'd like to see what was LITERALLY created from the ashes of Hurricane Ida.

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Grey Cross Studios
1920 4th St, New Orleans , LA 70113
Twitter: @GreyCrossStudio
Send text messages to 504-874-2908, Instagram @GreyCrossStudios, Twitter @GreyCrossStudio, Facebook Grey Anatoli Cross

Hurricane Gustav Series Photo #36 & 37 No Stopping It

Here you get an idea just how high the water was. The stop sign was the entrance point to the Florida Street Bridge. The road and adjacent area was totally under water. You can see the edge of the levee with this poor Nutria trying to get out of the waters. Notice how close the water was to the stop of the levee. 

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