Menace In The Night


A massive hurricane coming on land in the dark of the night while those below wait in shelters and hope that the brutal storm will spare their lives and their world.

Materials The Used

This piece is created on a 4' x 4' canvas with a 3" deep frame custom made by the artist. The hurricane is composed of clay which is overlaid with silicon. The hurricane is painted with metallic pearlescent acrylics and starlite varnish to give it a surreal cloud like feel. The ocean was created with metallic wax and is slightly ridged to create heaving waves. The edge of the beach is inlaid with a very narrow band of black sand. The towns were created with acrylics with a rubbed in pearlescent red to give them a night glow.


Having been brought up on an island in the Atlantic, the mystique and violence of hurricanes has always had a deep meaning for me. Living in New Orleans as an adult and surviving Hurricane Katrina has caused me to have an almost obsessive need to recreate these great storms in several of my pieces. My original work "The Deification of Katrina" was symbolic of our struggle to turn catastrophe into a symbol of our strength. "Menace in the Night" seeks to show how small we are in the eye of such a monster, while at the same time creating a piece of art that has meaning and yet abstraction to the viewer. 

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