Cause & Effect

Cause & Effect 
The Casual Disregard of the Breaking Ice


Whether caused by Global Warming, or just the natural adaptation of our world, our casual disregard of the changes taking place across the globe will spell our demise. For every piece of ice that melts, the bones of ignorant will vanish beneath the waves.

Materials Used

This piece is truly unusual. The central topmost ice sheets were created using Styrofoam which was overlaid with tissue paper to create the ridges and rills of a snow covered desolate wasteland. The smaller ice floes and the skull were created using clay. The bottom most ice sheet was created by laying multiple layers of tissue paper over each other to create the random series of humps and ridges that crisscross the ice. The colors were inlaid using metallic acrylics. The canvas was custom built and is 4’ x 4’ with a 3” deep frame. 


I've wanted to work with glaciers and ice for a while. My fascination with landmasses includes natural formations created by water and ice. Rarely content to just create an abstraction, I wanted this one to impart a message regarding our changing planet and some people’s reluctance to admit that it is changing at a more rapid pace each year. My hope is that it makes some rethink their reluctance and help to save this beautiful world we call home. 

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