The Pandemic Archive - Artist Francois Potgieter

The Misinformed and Ignorant will spread lies like a Virus.
Keep your hands clean.

In time of true Crisis, that which we placed all our time and trust in, will prove useless in saving us.

I’m Franscois Potgieter, a self-taught South-African Artist. Born in 1987, I have always had an infinity for anything artistic and creative. My work incorporates a wide variety of mediums and techniques and I will often mix them in interesting and creative ways. Some of my most popular work include intricate lamps usually made from wire and recycled materials. I’m also a skilled painter, illustrator and sketch artist and have been known to dabble in photography and graphic design. My work’s subject matter varies but tend to incorporate various parts of the human form and would often delve into the human psyche.

In 2013 I established The Mind Is Right, an artistic services company, and have been operating as a professional Artist ever since. My work has been on display in various shops and galleries mainly in Parys in the Free State. Some of my commissions include- custom pieces for restaurants and lamps designed for product and brand display in shop fronts. 

Currently I’m hard at work designing and creating new and interesting works of art and as an Artist, I hope to inspire all who leads or aspire to lead a creative life. 

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