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The Graffiti Illusion

Street Art is a powerful tool. It allows expression in ways that no other form of art can equal. It gives an anonymous voice to the issues of the day. Graffiti can be found from the ancient stones of Hadrian's Wall to the back alley's of modern day Beijing. It exists when no other voice is allowed to speak. It states our fears, it expresses our joys. 

The Graffiti Illusion is an experiment in creating virtual street art. It is the illusion that graffiti exists where it never actually did. It is conceived and created in the artists mind. 

As a Climate Artist, this form of expression allows me to exercise my free speech while not in any way illegally defiling anyone else's property. 

This is in no way a slur on street artists that create great works of art in public spaces. The intent of political street art is to convey an important message to others as artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey are so well known for. 

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