Artifact #12 - Beauty and the Beasts


This image has been uploaded in its highest quality form so that you can make out details. If you would like a copy of the image sent to you, email us at:

Without the use of google images or cheats, can you identify the person who death is stalking? 

There is more here than meets the eye. Here are some other questions to consider:

Who is Latham Greene? 
Where was this photo taken? 
Who are the others in the image?
What is the hanger? 
What about the postmark?

This is as much a story and a puzzle as it is art. And its not about this one image. New artifacts will be added regularly to this series and each one has its own unique quirks. Its up to you to figure them out.

You can ask questions below or compare notes but we are asking that if you know the answer you don't reveal it here. And always keep in mind there is a greater story being told here than just the death of one person. 

Get lost in the images! Seek out the smallest clues! 

And never forget. WHO IS WATCHING DEATH? And why?

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