Seeking Absolution - The Debts of Angels and Demons

We all pay a cost for existence
Whether angel or demon, good or bad, loved or hated
There is a price for every decision we make

"Scars of a Fallen Angel"
$150.00 +S/H

"Ursa Majoris"
$150.00 +S/H

"The Muse"
$2,000.00 +S/H

"Draco the Last Warrior of Rome"
$150.00 +S/H

"Guided by Inner Visions"
$150.00 +S/H

"Life Melting into Death"
$500.00 +S/H

"Soul of a Wizard"
$150.00 +S/H

Seeking Absolution is the newest series of sculptures by Experimental Artist Grey Cross. Questions or comments can be added at the bottom of this page or directly to the studio at: 

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