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The Digital Graffiti Project

Digital art is changing the face of the art world. Digital artists live in a strange world. Rather than have a studio full of paints and canvas, the digital artist lives more in their mind. Their tools are not brushes, but computers, IPads and a variety of other devices that enable them to create reality from the dreams going through their heads. One thing that digital art still has a difficulty with is working with groups. Digital artists are solitary nomads who work alone to create their dreams. There is little artist collaboration yet.

The Digital Graffiti project was created to bring digital artists together through the internet to explore each others dreams and ideas.

The rules are simple:

  • Click on any of the graphics below
  • Save and upload to your own system
  • Add whatever artwork, tags, phrases, etc that you wish to the piece
  • When finished, email it back to us along with your artist's name and a website if you wish

That's all there is to it. This is a collaborative effort. Every piece returned to us will be posted here along with the new artists name and info. Once you complete one, feel free to upload another. Want to go back and add something to the same piece later? Do it! Political statements, art activism, statements about life, nudity, are all accepted. The only thing we ask is that if you are adding forms of what we consider hate speech, the piece will not be added to the collection. But it will be saved in our digital archives and we may show them at a future date. 

Can you put art over someone else's work? 

Yes. Just like a wall, the point is to continue to cover the wall with art and graffiti. Be polite to other artists. If there is space elsewhere, use it. If you have an idea for incorporating someone else's art into something new you are free to do so. Remember, the idea is to be collaborative with other artists. 

So what's the point of This project? 

There are several reasons for this project. The first is collaboration in a whole new way. The second is to allow you the digital artist more exposure for the kind of work you pursue with as few restraints on your creativity as possible. The third? It's fun! 

Every piece returned to us will have the new artist credited and the pieces will be rebroadcast through our various social media venues. We reach a huge audience right now that numbers in the millions. It's our wish to give digital artists a little boost in their exposure through this project. 

As participating artists may have questions, we will try to add the answers to this page. Feel free to leave your questions below. 

The email address to return art and info to us is: gcsartno@aol.com You can also use this email for questions you might have if you prefer. 

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE THE TYPE OF FILE. Please keep all art in the .jpg format

Base Graphic #1-1 

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