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The Low Res Art Project

The Low Res Art Project was created in order to develop techniques with low resolution video screen captures turning them into high quality art pieces. 

When most people do a screen capture off their computer, the resolution is low and even minor adjustments to clean up the image result in a pretty poor looking image not good for much more than viewing on a smartphone. 

The goal of the project is to take low resolution images to a new level. 

The Low Res Project is much like collage on a digital scale, introducing other elements in the original image. All of these pieces work together to create one final high resolution piece of art.

We use low resolution screen captures from videos and webcams, capturing one frame of the video and then radically altering it from its original low res version to something much more dynamic and unusual. This is not as easy as it sounds. In most cases it takes a sharp eye and the ability to run the video at the lowest speed possible to capture the best possible images.

The example below is a screen capture of the rock walls leading into the archaeological ruin of Petra. 

The image resolution is only 72 pixels per inch. In this case the original image went through 17 different digital imaging steps to get to the final piece of art which is now 300 pixels per inch. 

There are some special rules the project adheres to. The first is that no image in the series is for sale. This is strictly an experimental project and because we are using screen captures of videos taken by other people, we feel that ethically it would not be proper to sell them even in their altered state. The second is that an image must go through at least a 60% alteration so that it meets the requirements of the United States Visual Art law which states that a piece of art that uses  in part or whole the work of someone else must in some way radically alter the original work. Since the work is radically altered in so many ways, these rules are easy to follow.

This project began in 2016 with the Burning Man festival where we participated in doing screen captures of the festival from their remote cameras. This continued in 2017 and will again continue in 2018. 

We've learned so much from this project that I expect it will continue into the future as we refine our techniques and concepts of what art is and is not.

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