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The Low Res Art Project

The Low Res Art Project was created in order to turn low resolution video screen captures into high quality art pieces. 

When most people do a screen capture off their computer, the resolution is low and even minor adjustments to clean up the image result in a pretty poor looking piece of art. 

I wanted to take low resolution to a new level. 

The Low Res Project is much like collage on a digital scale, introducing other elements in the original image. All of these pieces work together to create one final high resolution piece of art.

Its fine to use a low resolution screen capture to show a particular image. But in this case I am trying to create high quality art out of it, so there is a lot more management to the whole process than what is originally captured. 

This project began in 2016 with the Burning Man festival which continues in 2017. Over time it has expanded to other areas and become a series.

In the end the goal is to create high resolution art from low resolution screen captures, a project which will continue for many years.






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