The Pandemic Archive - Artist Kaitlyn Rodriguez

All pieces are acrylic, 16" x 24"


My name is Kaitlyn Rodriguez, a young Philadelphia artist, age 16. I want to make an impact with my art and let my art speak for me. Art is part of me and I wanted to use this time to showcase what’s been going on around the world. 

Through different races, backgrounds, gender, and mask, I wanted to make a series showing how everyone is going through this pandemic together. Each individual serves a purpose depicting different emotions. Along with each profession representing a different field affected by this. The nurse represents the medical fields affected. The mailman represents those who are still working during this time of need. The firefighter combined with the police represents the law, the police showcasing those who enforce it, and the firefighter representing those who save. Finally ending with the sick, the ones who have caught the virus themselves. Each painting tells a story and combined they shed a light on the seriousness of this situation. 

Again, This series is meant to spread awareness through a creative and visually appealing way and something I really wanted to do during this quarantine. It has come to an end and I just hope it continues to be spread and be shared to help those understand the seriousness of this global pandemic. 

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Instagram: @_katecreatez_

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