The Pandemic Archive - Artist Rachael Dunn

Artist Statement

This piece has a lot of thought behind it. Almost everything I did, like the colors I choose and such are that way to symbolize something. I want to title this peace My Soul In This World. I  decided to take an approach and think of more than just my body, but how my body feels. The media plays a big role on how I am feeling about this. 

I find myself to be a very empathetic person and I feel a lot of what I read on the media. I feel the fear, I  feel the hope, I feel the confusion. I tried to portray this feeling by using the media dripping down my chest. All of this fear and confusion honestly feels like my chest is about to explode so I chose to have that part of my body ripped open. I also chose to represent the media literally strangling my neck because it feels never ending. 

I know a lot of people are feeling lost right now and wondering if they’re doing enough because a lot of people are without jobs and may not be going to work every day. The feeling of a normal routine is completely stripped from us. I choose to have me holding a pencil because to me this is a time to create. When I look back on this time in history, I’m going to use this photo to know how I was feeling or just show how I was feeling. I think there’s going to be a lot of importance to what we are creating right now. I titled this my soul in this world because I feel I am put here to create Even with all this craziness going on I feel more inspired than ever before. I chose to have such a chaotic background because quite frankly that’s what everything feels like right now. I also wanted it to be like a static TV because it feels that we’re not even in a dimension that is real. Every squiggle that I created in the background is for a life that was lost to Covid-19.  I want people to take this piece in their own way and get from it what they can. This is how I feel and I think it’s all really important that we keep sharing our art right now. 

Rachael Cleary Dunn - Fine Artist at Lesley University
Instagram: @rachaeldunnart

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