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The title of this piece is ‘Hope, [Soap, Mask, Distance], + Love’ to highlight the public health guidance to protect ourselves and others around us to beat COVID-19. #ArtIsMovement

“Aiming to bring some hope and love to anyone in need of it during this COVID-19 saga” is the driving force underlying the creation of these three pillars of public wall art.  

Mental health is such an important aspect of holistic wellbeing, and art can remind us that we are not alone, especially in this pandemic. One of the primary drivers of SotR’s artwork is to allow others to connect and feel empowered in the little things we can do to try and help ourselves and, as importantly, others stay strong and safe.

State of the R (SotR) Bio

“It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to feel right” is my core artistic mantra, and inspires my confidently imperfect characters which dare you to be you. As a strong proponent of mental health awareness, self-care, and self-empowerment for all, SotR uses her creations to reflect on feelings and supports, while being careful not to get in the way of, others doing the same. You will see that her works reflect a range of emotions conveyed through the use of textures, strokes, colors, and mediums to generate artwork which is effective, reflecting an edgy, street art sensibility.

Twitter: @stateofher
Instagram: @stateofher

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