The Pandemic Archive - Artist Tara Arnold

"Global Pandemic"

"A Child is Born"

"Break It To Them Gently"

"Without A Name"

"Doors Will Open"

All paintings above relate to Coronavirus Pandemic. Medium : Acrylic on Canvas 

Tara Arnold:
506 461 2227
Nova Scotia, Canada 

Tara Arnold is an Intuitive Artist and Conscious / Trance Channel Medium with Ascended Master St.Germain. She channels artwork and Universal messages of love and guidance from The Ascended Masters to assist humanity to remember who they are as conscious beings; during this ascension / awakening process at this time on planet Earth. All artwork Tara channels from the Ascended Masters also comes with a detailed channeled message about the painting. 

Channeled message from The Ascended Masters about the Coronavirus on you tube link :

Art Prints link :

Tara Arnold website link :

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