The Pandemic Archive - Cartoonist Daniel Hoogkamp


Canadian Father of 4 living in southern Ontario, Autoworker by day. Studied classical animation at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario (years ago). Fan-artist and Cartoonist. But I appreciate all forms of art. When the lockdown began I finally had time to draw. I always struggled to find the time before. But I thought, I bet most artists are in the the same boat suddenly having all this personal time to create and I thought it would be great to start an account on Twitter or Instagram that focuses on sharing the art people are creating during this historic moment in time. Art has always played a role in documenting key moments in history and since this is such a world wide shared experience I thought it'd be a great way to connect artists from all walks of life and all different styles and mediums. Painting, drawing, cartoons, street art, photography etc, etc. That's how @ArtIsolation began in mid-March, it was born out of a desire to create a sense of community on twitter during this lockdown thru art. It now has as many followers as my personal art account and it grows everyday. What's been really cool is how the lockdown also allowed people to begin exploring their artistic sides. Many who had never picked up a pencil or a paintbrush before used this time to discover and unlock hidden talents. It's been wonderful to see. The world is slowly beginning to reopen and I've noticed a bit of a slowdown in the artwork being shared, but I plan to continue 'curating' artisolation for foreseeable future. 

Twitter: @DanHoogkamp_Art 
Instagram: @dan_hoogkamp_art 

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