The Pandemic Archive - Photographer Chris Toombes

My name is Chris Toombes and I’m a published street and documentary photographer originally from the UK, but now living and shooting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’ve had my work displayed in galleries, published online and used in off-line publications. Most recently my work was shown at an International Street Photography Exhibition at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography. 

For more information, to see some of my work please use any of the links below.

Chris Toombes - City Street Photos, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ello: Daily updates at

Personally I’ve taken the decision to reduce my exposure to other people while the pandemic is at its most prevalent. As a documentarian this had been a hard decision to take. However, the risk of both catching the coranavirus, or worse still, being a carrier and passing it on to someone else outweighs my natural instinct to walk the streets in search of images. This is a fluid situation and the barriers to re-start shooting photographs will reduce as the overall risk reduces. 

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