The Pandemic Archive - Surreal Contemporary Artist Sylvia de Vries-Ribbers


I made this plague doctor illustration with colored pencils and gold ink on tanned paper

Sylvia de Vries – Ribbers  is a Dutch surreal contemporary artist, specialised in horror and the bizarre. She takes her inspiration from the human anatomy, (dark) folk and fairy tales and the darkness of the mind. 

Ever since she could hold a pencil, she has been drawing and colouring. Fairy tales and Disney have been her first inspiration, but ever since she was little there was still that part of her that liked the dark and unusual. Now she tries to combine those two styles into one, showing people the most scary thing on earth is what is in the peoples own minds.

Besides her own work as form of Art Therapy, she does various submissions from portraits of loved ones and animals to tattoo designs and book illustrations.
She is also an artist at Gift Horse Productions, an art team situated in the Washington state of the USA.  Examples of her work can be found on her Facebook page, Instagram and website.

Instagram: @sylviadevriesribbersart
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