The Pandemic Archive - Words Left Behind - Diana Whiley

How is the virus affecting you as a creative?

 As a writer and artist I move from one form to another getting inspiration from each of them and it drives me.  But I need stimulation from other areas. I need to go out at least twice a week to immerse myself in the atmosphere of whatever place I visit. 
Scents in the botanic gardens, artwork and sculpture in the art gallery. The history there. The artists’ techniques up close up where I get a feel of how they created. 
Walking in the city and listening to buskers in the mall.  The ambience a real presence makes affecting, igniting inspiring into making.
Without the choice and spontaneity, I scrambled to find other ways to combat the slow creep of being disengaged, overwhelmed. For a time it was hard and I fumbled. 
Despite this I managed to write something even if it was small jottings to keep me creating.  With art, colour and mood taking precedence. 
Through this I leant heavily on all the wonderful art and writing I saw from everyone around the world. How they coped and expressed themselves kept me going. 

~Diana Whiley~

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