The Pandemic Archive - Words Left Behind - Dietrich Adonis

How is the virus affecting you as a creative?

It came without warning. . .the end of 2019 into the New year 2020; but we had NO idea how fast it would spread. The countries in Europe and Asia took strong measures to curb the tide of the virus. We didn't, and things got BAD. . . quickly.

I made sure I wore a mask, stood at 6 feet distance, washed my hands.

The school district extended Spring Break from mid March until beginning of April.  I began teaching Art on-line with my students. The ZOOM Art Sessions with the kids were fun, and engaging, but something was missing. I believe the Stay-At-Home mandates were affecting my state of mind. I'm a bit of an introvert when it comes to people, but I enjoy the outdoors and open spaces. It got so depressing that I would only watch the news once a day, in the evening. Reading apocalyptic Science Fiction and End Of Day passages from the Bible and Qur'an made it worse.

The barrage of news/information along with the Black Lives Matter movement was taking a toll on my Realistic Optimist state of mind so I began doing artwork on the iPad. So the idea was to use art as my "therapist's couch", and find creative outlets to deal with this pandemic. I was determined to be a "committee of one" and do my due diligence and create artwork to inform, communicate and make the public aware of working together to flatten the curve. . .

~Dietrich Adonis~

Words Left Behind is part of the Pandemic Archive Project. The archive seeks to save the work of creatives who are currently affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and how they are coping with it. These images and words are being compiled for future generations in hopes that they can learn from our mistakes and understand how the creative process interacts with crises situations.

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