The Pandemic Archive - Artist/Cartoonist Juan-Marcos Gomez

My name is Juan-Marcos Gomez and i have been creating things ever since i was very little,
I started off wanting to be a cartoonist and start my own studio. As i grew up i noticed i needed to diversify my style.I began to pick up realism to strengthen my skills and to this day like to fluctuate between movements,mediums and styles of art. I am currently 18 years old and reside in Miami,Florida with hopes of sharing my creations with the world and to hopefully start a successful advertisement agency in the future.The piece, of art that is being showcased was meant to show the impact and overall size of the COVID-19 pandemic on America and the "Monster Movie" like hysteria the world is in today.

Art Instagram: @gyros.ballz
Main Instagram: @_jmarcosg_
Twitter: @_Gyrosballs_

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