The Pandemic Archive - Artist & Writer Sally Blake


Images are composites of my paintings from each 16 days of the project

I’m in the UK. I am with my 87-year-old dad, but unexpectedly separated from loved ones 7000+ miles away.

On 15th March 2020 I decided to make an iPad painting each night – one for every day that I’m ‘here’ when I should have been ‘there’ – to help me get through. By the third night I’d realised that my images might help other people too. My project is called COVID-19: Degrees of Separation (an iPad painting a day for joy). I’m sharing each painting, and its story in words, on Instagram. I’ve never painted on an iPad before, so my choice of medium reflects the newness we now all find ourselves living.

My wish is that my images and words will resonate with whoever needs them and help raise the vibration of the collective energy for the greater good. It’s what I can give to this time.

I am an artist and writer (and sometimes motorcycle adventurer) exploring transformation.

Instagram: @salchemy11

Twitter: @sallycatway

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