The Pandemic Archives - Painter Amber Rahe

As an artist, I am already prone to long periods of seclusion in my studio, so the social distancing has not really been an issue for me. However, the avenues in which I sell my art have severely dwindled because of it. Art fairs, galleries, scheduled shows, and art classes have all been cancelled. In a way, it is a blessing because I can just focus on creating which has been wonderful! It is also sad to see the business that I have worked so hard to build up come crashing down just overnight. Like many others, I spend half my day worried about the people I care about. I find that loosing myself in a highly intricate painting calms me down. I can focus on all the little details instead of what may be happening. 

Amber Rahe is a painter working out of Mankato Minnesota. She primarily works in ink, oil, acrylic, graphite, and pastel. Her current work consists of original paintings that are created by pouring ink onto a surface in a random way and then finding what may “live there” and painting into that ink environment. Commissions are also available upon request.

Amber Rahe ~ Paintings
Twitter: @AmberRahe
Instagram: @a.rahe

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