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The Rear Guard (The 2020 Oregon Wildfires)


What is Crisis Point Art?

Crisis Point Art is art based on actual video footage of any given crisis filmed during the crisis. This can include video from news or independent sources captured on anything from an IPhone to Video Cameras.  

The process involves reviewing video taken in and around the crisis and isolating single frames of the video which are then screen captured as a low resolution image. The image is then transformed to a surreal high resolution piece of art which captures both the essence of the crisis and elements that create an emotional surreal view of the crisis at hand.


We are inundated with images of crisis situations. Today everyone has an smart phone and everyone considers themselves an amateur reporter. Most of these videos we glance at and then promptly forget about. There is no emotional bond with the crisis. Its just another bit of news from around the world. 

Crisis Point Art attempts to use both surrealism and emotions to impact the viewer. Stop. Feel the Pain. Empathize with those affected. Do not forget. 

A Brief History of Crisis Art

Grey Cross pioneered the technique in April of 2019 during the Notre Dame Cathedral fire. Watching the destruction of such a work of art and history impacted the artist personally. Watching endless video of the fire as it burned, he exorcised his own demons by grabbing up screen captures and turning the fire into a living monster intent of destroying the building. 

It was not until later that he realized that he might have stumbled onto a new concept in art. Since that time the artist has done about a dozen series that explore everything from wildfires to protest marches. He now monitors world news for crisis point situations which he is called to document in this unique art form. 

Emotional Impact

Art is one persons view of the world through their own eyes, which they share with the world. So it is only natural that the artist as well as the viewer should be impacted by this form of art. The artist feels that it is essential that he feel the pain and the elements of destruction which he works on. In the artists opinion you cannot share emotional art without placing your own emotions within it. 

The Risks  

There is always a risk hidden within art. Sometimes the risk is low. You draw a tree its unlikely anyone will be offended by it. The more controversial an idea, the more chance for offense to a person or group. Crisis Point art is replete with the possibility of offense. The artist apologizes in advance for any lines he may inadvertently cross or cultural mistakes made out of ignorance.

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