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The Revenant Crystal

There are many places in this world where you may cross from the physical world to the spiritual and back. Each is jealously warded by its guardians and passage is costly and rare. The Revenant Crystal is unique. Most doorways are connected directly to the World Tree which controls its access. But the Revenant Crystal is formed from part of the great crystal that the World Tree rests upon. To enter its gates is to allow your spirit to be reflected in the thousands of facets of the great crystal. The doorway becomes a maze of reflections where the spirit can lose its way easily and stumble into places that are neither physical nor spiritual. Every place is possible through this place and everything can be attained, and lost. A spirit can be stretched to the point where they are existing in all places at the same time and all times. There can be no greater hell. 

Name: The Revenant Crystal
Type of Art: Sculpture
Series: Revenant Cycle
Availability: Currently Available for Purchase
Price: $200.00 + S/H
Size: 12" x 12" x 9"
Status: One of a Kind

The Revenant Crystal is formed from an uncut Arizona crystal. The symbolism on the archways is part of the artists hidden language and appears in many of his works. This piece is the original prototype
 for the whole Revenant Cycle series. All art after this piece was conceived from this one original concept. This sculpture is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity which includes its background story.


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