The Spirit Forge (NEW WORK)

The Spirit Forge is one of the ways a tainted spirit can return to the physical world as a clean and new individual. By entering the Spirit Forge a spirit has the chance to wash away the entirety of their past and emerge as a new being on the physical plain. Some would call it reincarnation but the faerie call it "Sheramarre" the cleansing. The Spirit Forge is not like the Spirit Doorways. A doorway allows a return to the physical world but as a spiritual being. The Forge is an actual transition to a new and untainted body.

Name: The Spirit Forge
Type of Art: Sculpture
Series: Revenant Series
Availability: Currently Available for Purchase
Price: $700.00 + S/H
Size: 23" x 12" x 23"
Status: One of a Kind

Each sculpture in this series is handmade and uses Mississippi River driftwood. Each sculpture is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity which includes its background story.

This piece includes a short video showing the lighting mechanism within the sculpture

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