Walking in the City of the Dead

Do they see these sad houses of the dead in dreary colors such as we humans see? Or do they instead see a technicolor universe that swims with colors and swirling illusions of reality? I would like to think that a spirit sees the world they are leaving in a totally different way than we the living do. It is a place filled with mystery and awe, the crossing point between life and death where both the living and the dead may dwell and denizens of other dimensions wander.

In my home of New Orleans, we quickly learn to cherish life. We celebrate it constantly in our festivals and events. But we also cherish death. We deem the crossing from the physical to the spiritual as important as life. Our cemeteries reflect that, and perhaps the spirit world infuses how we look at everything around us. If we can learn to see through the eyes of the spirits for even just a moment, how amazing might our world become?

(All cemeteries are located in the New Orleans metro and southern Louisiana area)

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