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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Immortality Redux (or that odd artist guy that talks to the future)

Sometimes I feel like Philip K Dick without being able to fall back on drugs or schizophrenia for my craziness. But sometimes I am just unable to stop thinking.

Last month when I wrote the first article in this series, I began doing something rather odd. Totally at random I started tweeting to the future. Its not obvious. I'm not saying "dear future self". I am merely sending out some random thoughts that those in the present will look at and think "what the fuck?!" But that is because they are not meant for "now". They are meant for the future and will only make sense once other things that I've placed in both my art and my writing come to light.

I know I can hear you now "the dumb-ass has delusions of grandeur. Like anyone's going to care what he has to say". But if you followed my theories on immortality within the social networks, then its not that far fetched that someone will run across these things 100, 500 or 1,000 years from now.

I honestly find it a fascinating brain puzzle which may lead nowhere, but intrigues me enough to be placing these messages to the future like randomly dialing phone numbers  to see who (if anyone) might answer.

Come on now. Doesn't the idea fascinate you just a bit? What would you say? What is the most important things you want your immortal self to contain? This is your chance.

The simple fact is, that unless you plan to write your own autobiography, its these bits and pieces that will form the picture of who you were. I for one plan to spice mine up with enough curiosities to really give them a run for their money.

I recently wrote that Photographers sometimes don't realize at the time an image is snapped how momentous that image might be years later. We can kind of grasp that. There are photos I took pre Hurricane Katrina of places that no longer exist. Do you think I thought about that at the time I shot them? No, I definitely did not. But you know, I should have. I should have had the foresight to think that everything I do may have consequences up the timeline.

I tend to think that if we all considered our lives in this way, the world may turn into a very different place. But as I said before, we ARE the first generation to be immortal and we might take us time to get it right. But we'd better start acting responsibly or there won't be anyone up the timeline to find us.

We are so locked into the "now" that we have totally forgotten about the future. Let it take care of itself. We pay it lip service by "claiming" that what we do is for our children and grandchildren but that's just bull-crap. We are thinking about ourselves, our own needs, our own cynicism of the world around us and our own bitterness that things aren't going the way we believe they should be going.

But the first generation of immortals "must" start thinking differently. If we don't change our perspectives and see our world with fresh eyes then the legacy left to the first generation will be destroyed.

For me I shall continue to babble away to the future and if you run across a random message from me that makes absolutely no sense, don't trouble over it. Its not addressed to you anyway.


This series WILL be continued

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