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Monday, April 6, 2015

SCARED OF FEAR - By Artist Eman Elnezami

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Artist: Eman Elnezami
Location: Egypt
Work of Art: Scared of Fear

This is an oil painting on canvas 12*16 inch. It is a woman symbolizing fear that i see in SO many people . She is afraid and trying to threat others as well. She is not innocent ,her bloody teeth do not only convey her own threat exuded but her nasty side inside . She is afraid while she is scary herself .

That is the ironic part in it . The darkness inside her exuded the bloody darkness around . She is exhausted but not in despair. The emotion that can come up for you is fear that could reside inside you or a bit of insecurity. Look into her, especially if you are a woman who had any kind of trauma in your life . SEE into it and free yourself from my own story and let your inner emotions tell you what is going on ! Create your own story too!
This a continuation of a theme I started about :women. The background is black and red , the perfect combination for anger . She is Angry . Her hair is curly in black , yellow, purple, pink , orange, with a strange furious haircut. Her hair is angry too! Her mouth is open. She wants to defend, resist, she is scared . The two bloody teeth coming out from the sides of her mouth are threatening , vividly red extending to the edge of the canvas. She is infinitely dangerous and infinitely long. When she is afraid her defense mechanism is to be more dangerous (even if she is really not ). Her shoulders are bare with black shadows, they are bare to show that her fear is naked , she is not hiding her fears no matter how hard she tries. Her skin is earthy. The fingers beneath her right eye symbolize her fear. You will not see the rest of the hand because it is not there! Fingers stretching her right eye. Maybe she is scared of something in the infinity that neither you or I can see. Would you give her an excuse for being so scary ? What are you seeing?

You can view this and other works by the artist at:

You can reach Eman through the following:

Twitter: @emynezamy
Soundcloud: Eman Ali

Eman Elnezami

I am a physician, who started using oil painting as my own tool to release stress and HEAL my own inner soul . I believe the emotional art is a bridge between your inner-self and outer appearance. I used them as following; put intention into a painting everyday like motivation and dive into some part for ex the eyes, I see something that motivates me forward.Whatever intention you put, you get . Also being in contact with different people every single day made me carry emotions that are not mine and I needed a channel to get them through, exciting thing happened, every single one of them contains mixed amount of emotions so you will find at least one emotion that you will feel. I paint interactions between people as well, woman and her child, coworkers, friends .These are similar to everyday interactions. Something in common in all my work. You will feel something! I use oil on canvas in all my work. I fell in love with the similarity between emotions of human kind, it is all the same! Instead of feeling the pain inside I strongly believe that you can get them up in front of you seeing, acknowledging and releasing them . Take as much time as you would like in front of them.

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